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Wasatch Whippets Application


Email Address:
Street Address:
City, State, Zip:
Primary Phone Number
Mobile Phone Number:
Please list the number of people in your household and their ages:
Are all members in the household in agreement with adding a whippet to the family? Yes
Does anyone in the household have serious allergies, physical disabilities, or other health related problems that might relate to the type of dog that would be suitable? If so please explain what they are . . . :
Who will be the primary caretaker of the whippet?
What is the occupation of the primary caretaker?
Will someone be home with your whippet during the day? If not, how many hours will he/she be home alone?
Where will your whippet stay while you are away during the day? Crate
Loose in the house
One room
Indoor kennel
Indoor/Outdoor kennel
Outdoor kennel with temperature control
Outdoor kennel without temperature control
Will your whippet be allowed on the furniture? Please comment.
Where will the whippet sleep at night?
Where will the whippet live most of the time?
What type of home? House
Do you Own
How long have you lived at your current residence?
What kind of community? City
Small Town

Have you had, or lived with a sighthound before? (Sighthounds include Greyhounds, Afghans, Salukis, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Basenjis, Italian Greyhounds, etc.)
Do you have a fenced yard? If so, what type of fencing and how tall is the fence? If not, how will you exercise your whippet?
Please tell us about any other pets you currently have. If dogs, how many, breeds or mixes, ages, whether inside or outside dogs, and whether they are altered. If cats, whether they are indoor or outdoor, and ages? And any others types of pets?
How many dogs have you owned in the past 10 years? Please tell us what happened to them?
Is it alright if we call your veterinarian for a reference? If so, please provide his/her name and phone number.
Please check any activities in which you plan or would like to participate with your whippet. Conformation (showing)
Lure coursing
Therapy Dog
Canine Good Citizen
Have you ever finished a whippet to a conformation or lure coursing title? If so, please tell us a little about your experience.
If you are not planning to show your whippet in conformation, are you willing to neuter/spay him/her? Yes
Should your circumstances change so that you are no longer able to care for your whippet, will you agree to return the whippet to us? Yes
To what dog clubs do you currently belong?
How far are you willing to travel to locate the right whippet for you?
Please share any additional information you would like us to know.

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