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Oma's Pride Products and Online Ordering
Mixes (4) Oma's Pride Mixes contain meat, bones, organs and vegetables. Many people feed their pets the Mixes as the primary component to a raw diet.
Chicken (15) Chicken is a protein source option for the animal's diet.
Turkey (9) Turkey is a protein source option for the animal's diet.
Other Poultry (7)
Duck is an additional protein source for the animal's diet.

Beef, Buffalo & Pork (14)
Lamb (5)  
Exotics (8)  
Tripe, Performance Dog & Trachea (6)  
Bones (7)  
Fish (6)
Feed fish sparingly to felines due to potential allergy issues.
Fruit & Veggies (10) Oma's Pride has always been concerned with the risk of using raw vegetables due to the possible inclusion of Salmonella and E-coli pathogens. Please note that we have ALWAYS used blanched frozen vegetables in all our products. Blanching breaks down the first cellulose layer and makes vegetables more digestible.
O'Paws Supplements  
Dr. Harvey's and Specialty Health Items  
Freeze Dried and Other Treats  
Bully Sticks, Trachea